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Introduction to Digital Photography: Learn the basics and apply them in nature Register View Cart

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The intention of this workshop is to introduce newcomers to the world of digital photography. Ian will cover an array of different settings and tricks of the trade, in order to help your shots stand out from the rest. This will include how to balance Aperture, Shutter, and Iso sensitivity settings for different types of photography, as well as the impact that each of them has on your shots. We will cover the use of auto, different types of equipment, and basic camera maintenance, as well as planning your shots, for the best results. The first day of this workshop will be an indoor event that covers the aforementioned settings, as well as basic maintenance. The second day will begin in the classroom, then (weather-permitting), we will relocate to the duck pond right next to the baseball field next to East Buffalo Township Building. On the final day of this workshop, we will meet at the Dale Engle Walker House/ Trail (Dale's Ridge Trail), which is situated just outside of Lewisburg, along Buffalo Creek. There, you will be spending more time applying what you have learned in a real-world setting, where there are abundant photo-opportunities of birds and other wildlife. Whether you're completely new to photography,or just trying to brush up on the knowledge you already have. This program is open to all brands and models of digital cameras: Please bring your camera with a full a fully charged battery for this workshop.

About the Instructor
Ian Adrian was born in Winfield, PA, and has lived in the area, since. He graduated from Lewisburg High School, and currently has a photography business, in which he specializes in nature photography, focusing mostly on wildlife. He loves capturing things in their natural state, without staging or heavily editing his shots.