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Mommy Workout Time • Register •

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Wake up and shower, get the kids dressed, make breakfast, pack lunches, find the missing shoe, make two perfectly even ponytails, drive the munchkins to school, pickup the dry cleaning.....all before 9 AM! 

A busy mom's schedule can be overwhelming and can also be why so many women are struggling with their weight. There are still a million things to do, and before you know it, you didn't workout for the 100th day. 

Exactly where are we supposed to fit in exercise? Just the thought of changing into workout clothes, driving to the gym, finding someone watch your child/children, finding a machine that doesn't look like a medieval torture device and hoping it's available, is enough to make anyone decide it is not worth it.

The truth is, BVRA has the perfect workout solution for all the busy moms out there. Cheri Orndorf will be instructing a Mommy Workout Time, which is a blend of Yoga and body weight interval exercises. A focus on core strength and flexibility. There are no medieval machines and BVRA is even offering babysitting in the adjacent room! 

There is a $10.00 drop-in fee for anyone that is not able to sign up for all of the classes.
*March 1st class will be held at Playworld Plant 2

About the Instructor
Cheri Orndorf is a certified Athletic Trainer, Yoga teacher and PiYo Instructor. Her passion is sharing her love of fitness and yoga with others!

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