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Indoor Swim Lessons • Register •

Water Babies (6-36 months)
This course provides water adjustment and swimming readiness skills, water safety knowledge, and practices utilizing songs and games to provide fun and enjoyment of the water. These lessons focus on repetitive basic water skills and parents must be in the water with children.

Preschool Fundamentals (3-4 yrs old)
For children just beginning swim lessons who may be uncomfortable in the water. The focus of the class is on continuation of repetitive basic water skills. Helps children feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Parents must be in water with children. 

Level 1- Introduction to Water Skills (ages 6+ or younger if qualifications are met)
Level 1 encourages independent development of fundamental aquatic skills and safety instruction.Helps participants feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely.Level I child should be tall enough to stand with head above water at 3ft. as there is a focus on beginning to work independently. Otherwise, it is necessary for a parent to assist the child in the water just as in the Preschool Fundamentals. Your child should feel comfortable in taking the next step to attempt to swim independently. New techniques that are introduced: open eyes under water, pick-up submerged objects, bob, front and back glides, alternating arm and leg action on front and on back and rolling over while maintaining these actions, treading water and becoming familiar with equipment. This requires the child to be more attentive to instruction.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills 
such as Submerging and retrieving an object, front and back glide, treading water using arm and leg actions, bobbing in water, jellyfish float, swimming using combined stroke on front and back and changing direction of travel.

Level 3: Stroke Development

Builds on skills learned in level 2 by providing additional guided practice. Skills include Front and back glide, front and back crawl stroke, kneeling or standing dive and safe diving rules, rotary breathing in horizontal position, survival float, back float, and butterfly kick and body motion.

Please sign up for the level/age group appropriate for your child. Children will be assessed by instructor and may be re-assigned if required.

Please bring a towel to all swim lessons.

Instructor Pat Musselman and Bob Frangione are certified instructors with the American Red Cross!

Riverwood Policy & Address
Parents and adults are guests of the facility while using Riverwoods' pool for BVRA classes and should follow all rules and instructions while in attendance. Please arrange to leave the pool area promptly after lessons and follow all guidelines, behavior and attire on the pool deck.

15 Ridgecrest Circle Lewisburg, PA 17837

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Water Babies (Monday) 
0 - 3  N/A  04/03/2017 - 05/15/2017
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Riverwoods Pool
$50.00 Res, $55.00 Non-Res
0 seat(s) available
6 Half Hour Classes
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Preschool Fundamentals (Monday) 
3 - 6  N/A  04/03/2017 - 05/15/2017
5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Riverwoods Pool
$60.00 Res, $65.00 Non-Res
4 seat(s) available
6 Half Hour Classes
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Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills 
N/A  N/A  Th  04/06/2017 - 05/18/2017
5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Riverwoods Pool
$60.00 Res, $65.00 Non-Res
5 seat(s) available
6 Half Hour Classes
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Level 3: Stroke Development (Thursday) 
N/A  N/A  Th  04/06/2017 - 05/18/2017
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Riverwoods Pool
$60.00 Res, $65.00 Non-Res
7 seat(s) available
6 Half Hour Classes; No class on April 20th

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